Bluefaced Leicester Semen

Jehovah’s Churchill 014/522  BLU#3322

White Single, Born- 11 March 2010

Sire: Jehovah’s Canaan; F1 Beeston T70 ‘Blackmoor’ x Morlea N74/Firth Canadian.

Dam: Starkey B-192 ‘Brandy’; F2 Carryhouse V2 x Morlea N74/Firth Canadian.

LE- 1

LV- 1

BW- 11 lbs.

WW 1 (60 Days)- 57 lbs.

100% Grassfed ADG- .76/day

Churchill has proven to be remarkable in siring purebred and mule lambs with great bone, dimension, loin, rack shape, muscling and fine, stylish fleeces.  His daughters are voluminous, growthy, hardy and walk out like tigers. I really like the width, but also the fore extension in his progeny. They have really classy heads, long ears and sharp blue faces. His half brother by Carryhouse R1 won the ‘Best Headed’ award at the 2010 Bluefaced Leicester National Show in Eugene, Oregon.

His dam had the highest NSIP EBVs for the breed… But that doesn’t say a whole lot. There was and is very little data available for comparison at this point. And I haven’t got any data submitted for her last year or this… She is however a square, milky ewe, of ideal frame height who keeps well on pasture and grass hay.

$20/unit Commercial, $30/unit Purebred with breeding certificate.

10 unit minimum (full cane), plus shipping. Packaged for Laparoscopic Insemination.

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