Bluefaced Leicester Sires

Top Bluefaced Leicester sires for commercial crossing or purebred operations are available now. We breed for working sire stock, lambed and reared on pasture. Moderate framed, wide, easy keepers. We cull ewes and lambs that need assistance delivering or nursing. (If they can’t reproduce on their own, they shouldn’t reproduce.)

Our fleeces ain’t bad either- we measured the finest national BFL clip at 23.9 microns AFD, bold crimp helix (like strung pearls) high luster, long staple and lush hand.

Ram lambs priced at $750.

2 thoughts on “Bluefaced Leicester Sires

  1. Hello

    I live in Campbellville Ontario Canada. I am interested in purchasing a new BFL ram. We only have a small flock and need new genetics. The ram can be white or coloured, but must have a different pedigree from my current…must have a good fleece as I raise a spinners flock.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Robin, I’m not crazy about the lambs this crop as they grow. They’re just not quite up to my standards… Which lines do you have? I can help direct you to some outcross.

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