The Flock

God called me to be a shepherd. So I am. Now, I have been joined by my lovely bride, Rebekah.

We run a few different breeds of sheep for various applications in our land stewardship or production strategies. We’ve kept a flock of pre-industrial, old hill type Shetland ewes of mostly pure Dailley breeding, ranging from 50 to 400 head on rough Western Colorado hill pasture for conservation and for producing some of the world’s finest prime lamb. They are hearty little sheep with variety in color and fleece type. We try to avoid the modern, improved lines because we like the hardiness, type and primitive characteristics of the historical bloodlines who trace their pedigrees closest to their ancestral Islands.

In our Leicester flock we select for performance in our ewes and breed-leading strengths in both wool and carcass in our range-ready sires. We use Bluefaced Leicester to improve strength of topline, length of loin and larger loin-eye area, rapid growth in hybrid lambs, heavy milk production and maternal chutzpah in their halfbreed daughters.  We select for lambing ease, neonatal vigor, maternal instinct, milk production, rapid growth, parasite and disease resistance and some of the best Bluefaced Leicester fleeces in the world. We line breed on our maternal lines with outcross through the highest performing traditional Blue sires from Britain. Our top-notch sires are working all over the Western States crossing on other longwools, finewools, hill stock, Churros and downwools in farm flock and range operations.

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