Rams for Sale

I will be listing ram lambs that will be offered for sale after docking and before we head up to spring range, and will update each sire prospect’s listing with photos as he matures on summer range.

You know the story. Our Shetland flock is not a hobby or show flock- they are expected to perform on native range and grass pasture. I will not keep a sire prospect out of a ewe who is not proven to lamb and nurse her lambs unassisted, bond tightly with her lambs and protect them fiercely, produce ample milk and wean them off in good finish from summer range and/or rough hill pasture. ¬†Dystocia, ‘grandmothering,’ poor bonding, poor milking or unmanageable disposition are absolute factors for culling.

Since we are the largest Shetland flock in North America, you can also trust that only the very best ram lambs make it past castration for market. Our wethers ship for either premium restaurant trade or ethnic markets, and frankly Shetlands taste too good to waste resources on mediocre genetics. Only the best ram and ewe lambs are retained in our flock or offered for sale as sire or brood stock.

We prefer not to follow fads. We breed for more than histograms, ribbons or trophies. A good stockman realizes that those are utterly meaningless in the field or on the hill, and rather insipid and unpalatable when served on your table.

Ram lambs offered for sale this year will be out of the best Jehovah’s, Hilger, Shady Oaks and Oak Apple ewes sired by the following rams:

-Shady Oaks Wylie
-Jehovah’s Monarch
-Sheep Ridge Caesar
-Jehovah’s Blaze (registration pending, Uberto x Snick)
-Jehovah’s Bert Jr (registration pending, Uberto x Snick)
-Oak Apple Bing
-Jehovah’s Mr Bates (registration pending, Chai Wallah x Daysha)