Estes Park Show String

These are the Shetland rams that been chosen for the show string at Estes Park in the Fine Fleece and Classic shows. They will be offered for sale (Monarch is sold.) All proven sires here at Jehovah-jireh. So far all lambs produced by these rams are born and nursed unassisted, in miserable and fair weather on pasture and hill… They’re growing rapidly and exhibiting excellent disease and parasite resistance. I’ll probably keep back a half dozen sons each for fall sire sales by Caesar, Monarch and Bert. Bates only sired one ram that is among the sire prospects. Caesar, Bert and Bates are priced at $350 each.

While I haven’t decided if we’re bringing any Shetland ewes or lambs (I have to decide in the next couple of hours), we’ll also be showing two yearling Bluefaced Leicester rams and a pair of ram lambs. The yearling Leicesters are for sale, $550 each.

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