Shearing Festival 2015

Well, the big day is done and we had so much fun! There was a good turnout and our petting zoo seemed to be a big highlight for most of the folks. We had fresh lambs, including both of our triplet sets, and some of our youngest Nubians.

2015 March 1683

2015 March 1600

There were lots of fleeces available. The Mesa County Fiberarts Guild members were out in force and bought up a lot of them, but we still have a number available!

People were free to mill around as they chose and observe the shearing:

2015 March 1614

Watch the skirting of the wool:

2015 March 1581

Check out the yummy yarns, rovings and felted items:

2015 March 1613

2015 March 1661

Participate in the kid’s needle felting or make their own felt essential oil scent cards:

2015 March 1606

2015 March 1575

Hang out at the petting zoo:

2015 March 1594

Check out the hand-built sheep wagon replicas:

2015 March 1615

Or just relax:

2015 March 1634

2015 March 1703


2015 March 1669

A good day was had by all! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who made the day such a success! We are very grateful for your hard work!

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