A Study in Reds

Heritage moorit Shetland wool on Viking Combs. The way the old timers processed their wool. (Though this yarn sample was spun on my leg instead of a spindle.)

The inner coat from this fleece was blended 50% with taupe cashmere and some brilliantly dyed turquoise flash for lace spinning as a gift for my mother in law.

The tails are going into my felting projects.







*the Norsemen didn’t get to the Islands by riding their magical unicorns over the rainbows.

2 thoughts on “A Study in Reds

  1. Interesting post. I like the photos that go with the post. And somehow magical unicorns don’t seem like a good mount for a Norsemen, they don’t seem manly enough. (big grin) I picture their mode of transportation to be more like the Captain Jack Sparrow type ships!! Ahoy matey.
    Are you going to get your stuff for going to Shetland straighten out by Wool Week?

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