Current Grazing Site

We are currently grazing along 26 Road in Grand Junction.

Some FAQ’s and information for neighbors and passersby-

Q) What do I do if I see sheep outside of the electric fencing, or see a predator (domestic dogs, coyotes, bears, lions, etc) in or nearby the flock???
A) Call Jared immediately!!! 970-683-8820

Q) Why graze with sheep?
A) Sheep have a very light impact on the soil and desirable perennial forage species. Utilizing proper resource management with small ruminant species plays an integral part in control of noxious species. Flash grazing annual species like cheatgrass, jointed goatgrass and mustards prevents flowering and immediately depletes the seedbank. Annually successive grazing along with replanting desirable perennial species and proper pasture or range management can completely eradicate such problem weeds. Intensive grazing of species like knapweeds and hoary cress depletes carbohydrate storage in the rhizomes which after a few years of managed grazing will control these species… But you do still have the issues of seedbank longevity in these noxious perennial species, and these will rapidly repopulate with soil disturbance, mismanaged grazing (often the case with horses) or dewatering. Sheep manure has the ideal nutrient balance of 4-4-4 which provides complete nutrition for the plants, fungi and microbes in healthy pastures, hayfields and range. Proper grazing practices sequester massive carbon storage in the soil, naturally! Productivity is also a factor- sheep provide one of the healthiest and most sustainable sources of meat, and luxurious fibers for various modes of artisanal textiles. (Good) lamb and mutton can be simultaneously rustic and posh, preferred by elite chefs and home cooks alike.

Q) Llamas?
A) Mama Llama and Bébé Llama help protect the flock from smaller predators like domestic dogs, coyotes and foxes.

Q) Can you graze my property?
A) Yes! Call Jared, and we’ll walk through your fields to assess the site. I am often looking for pasture to lease as well… Let’s visit! I am very keen on doing my part to eradicate noxious weeds and control stands of dry vegetation and thatch which pose a fire hazard.

Q) Do you have lamb for sale?
A) Yes, we have frozen USDA inspected cuts available. Please see the SonCroft Prime Lamb page for more information. We also have live lambs available for slaughter.

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