Here is a photo compilation of Finewool Mule and parent breed comparisons.

One of my Merino ewes. (She is now the last- the others are all sold off.) John Jewell and Mendenhall lines. This ewe was champion white finewool ewe at Estes Park Wool Market 2008.

Her fleece… Approximately 18 microns AFD, maybe a bit finer this year.

Her 2012 Mule ewe lamb by Ward Moor Kirk…

The main body of the mule fleece… Looking at approximately 21-22 microns AFD.

But it changes a lot in the low breech… Going as coarse as 23 microns AFD. I would prefer it to carry uniformity to the hock. Though in fairness, this breech is a better quality wool than much of what I’ve seen in Rambouillet, Targhee and Columbia fleeces. It’s easy enough to skirt off for another lot while classing.

Side by side comparison of Finewool Mule (left) and Merino staples. @22 (left), 18 (center), 17.5 (right) microns AFD, respectively.

Comparison of Bluefaced Leicester fleece (@24-25 microns AFD.)

And, they lamb out very capably as yearlings! Put a few hundred (or thousand) of these girls to work in a commercial flock with BFL x Texel terminal sires and see appreciation in profit margin…  I just need land.

Yn Ei gariad~

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